Our Mission Statement
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At The George Mild Group, we make the search for the right candidate easy. Our clients are market and technology leaders who count on us to identify precise skill sets.  

We're a small company that has stood the test of time for more than 20 years by abiding by a mission statement that protects clients and job candidates alike.


Our Mission Statement:

 - Potential job candidates determine their own level of interest in any open positions. We will never use compensation or high-pressure tactics to convince a job candidate that a role at a company is right for him.

- Instead, we work to determine if the role and the potential candidate are a good fit for each other.

 - Because our elite portfolio of clients are leaders in their fields, when we contact a potential job candidate, we make it our primary focus to present a workplace vision where excellence, creativity and high-achieving peers are the attraction for the candidate.

- We strive to encourage diversity in our recruiting by developing networks that identify and attract varied and elite professionals from around the world.